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Amazon takes on iPad Air in new ad

Amazon takes on iPad Air in new ad
Amazon has released a new Kindle Fire HDX commercial, bashing Apple's iPad Air in the process. In the commercial, the iPad Air is touted by what seems to be a Jonathan Ive impersonator, with Amazon hitting back at each claim made by "Ive". After "Ive" …

Tablet-Vergleich: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 und Google Nexus 7
Derzeit gibt es zwei 7-Zoll-Tablets, die sich mit niedrigem Preis und guter Hardware besonders empfehlen wollen: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 und Google Nexus 7. Beide Geräte haben in unseren Tests sehr gut abgeschnitten, doch wo liegt der Unterschied?
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Black Friday 2013: Amazon deals include free Kindle eBook, laptops on sale
The eBook, normally $ 2.99 on the site, works for the Kindle platform on various devices including the Kindle Fire HD or HDX, Paperwhite, iPad's, and computers with the Kindle app installed. The guide is free on Amazon's site for download for the next …

普通のタブレットとして使えるアマゾンの「Kindle Fire HDX」レビュー
この「Kindle Fire」シリーズの新機種「Kindle Fire HDX」がリリースされました。高速なCPUと高詳細なディスプレイ、高音質な音楽再生機能、OSのバージョンアップなど、従来機種に比べて、大幅にブラッシュアップされています。「Kindle Fire HDX」は、8.9インチと7インチの2 …
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